Tucson’s Professional Patio Deck Coatings Expert

Are you looking for a Patio Deck Coatings Professional in the Tucson area? Pamblanco Painting Services offers professional paint jobs from start to finish.

Stained Decks and More

Staining a deck or fence is about the look you are trying to achieve, as well as protecting your deck or fence from the elements. If you want a clean painted look, choose a pigmented opaque stain. If you want to preserve the natural look of the wood, choose a sealant or colored penetrating stain.

When choosing a color to work with, we’ll test a sample of the stain first to test on a scrap piece of wood or remote corner of your deck to verify the color is what you expect. Some stains are much darker then they look on a chart.

As with all of Pamblanco Painting services, we use the same care and professional steps to assure the job is done properly and will provide you with long-time enjoyment of your freshly restored patio deck.